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WWDC 2014 - Keyword: Mindblowing

07 Jun 2014

After returning home from a mind-blowing week of WWDC goodness, I’m still trying to wrap my mind around the happenings of the last 5 days. Now begins the race to watch the plethora of videos of unattended sessions, plowing through Apple’s Swift book, and tinkering with my personal projects as guinea pigs for all the new toys uncovered.

The legion of new SDKs and updates and additions to existing SDKs are absolutely astounding. That was all before they dropped the bombshell of Swift. If the keynote had ended right before the Swift announcement, I would have been completely satisfied and pleased with the announcements made. The Swift unveiling was flooring - how did they keep this under wraps? No one was expecting this.

Some gnashing of teeth could be heard for the first couple days after the announcement, but by the end of the conference, the general vibe seemed to be very positive. The more I came to know about the new language, the more impressed I became. It truly is the future of Mac and iOS development (and not only because Apple has all but mandated it to be so).