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Capture My(self)

04 Mar 2014

One of the wonderful elements of my job at Black Pixel is participating in the blog there. The following is a snippet from my recent article on capturing self within blocks.

Occasionally in my software development career, some code or comment will trigger a bolt of fear through my psyche. Were my assumptions incorrect? Have I been doing this wrong all along? Did I ever really understand why I was doing this in the first place? Usually, the response includes stepping back, reassessing with a scientific analysis of the situation, writing some test code, and then reconfirmation (or readjustment) of my assumptions.

Recently, while reviewing some technical reviews of a chapter in a book I’m coauthoring, that familiar pang of fear echoed once again through my consciousness. The target of this loss of faith and understanding revolved around my assumptions and understanding of retain cycles, blocks, and capturing of `self`. As in the past, it was time to solidify and reaffirm the foundation of understanding.

For more, see the full article at the Black Pixel Blog.